Wile E. Coyote is my mascot

He’s the ultimate entrepreneur.

Most of the Looney Tunes characters talk, sing, dance, whistle, drive, argue, strut, scream, shout, entertain, and, yes, even watch TV.

Not Wile E. Coyote.

He has no time for all that.

He’s a doer, not a talker.
He’s a builder. A tinkerer. An experimenter.
He’s a risk-taker.
He’s hungry. Literally and figuratively.
He dares to do things.
He is off-the-charts creative.
He takes on brick walls.
He relishes the pursuit.
He tries to defy the odds. And the laws of physics.
He’s singularly focused on his mission. Obsessively so.
His gadgets are ingenious and mind-blowing (literally, in his case).
He knows what to build, and what to buy.
He shrugs off failure after failure after failure.
He does not mind being laughed at.
He thrives in tough environments.
He shrugs off doubters.
His enthusiasm never fades.
His self-belief prevails.
He thinks big.
He never gives up.


Episode after episode, disaster after disaster, I never once felt sorry for Wile. He never seemed in the least bit fazed by his repeated failed attempts. He would just get up and try again, with the same “first day at the job” enthusiasm and optimism.

Secretly, I never wanted him to catch Road Runner because that would mean an end to his adventures, his contraptions, and his ingenuity.

Yes, I rooted for Wile to succeed, and I rooted for him to continue failing.

And that’s why he remains my favorite cartoon character of all time.