Keeping your head in the clouds is often a metaphor for a fantasy or a whim. At YinzCam, we firmly choose to keep our head (the brains of our system) in the clouds in order to drive our speed to market, to support our scale, our international presence and the dynamic experience that we provide […]

There are several embedded-system technologies that have emerged over the last two decades, to improve or automate refereeing. The Grant-Hicks tennis-court line-monitoring apparatus was one of the earliest electronic line-judge systems that aimed to provide automated line-calls in tennis matches. The system was built out of pressure sensors underneath a court surface, where the sensors were sensitive enough to detect […]

Season-ticket members are the lifeblood of every team, and every team tries to offer additional perks to attract season-ticket holders, to retain them, and to reward them for their continued loyalty. Teams have typically offered season-ticket packages, including a number of tangible perks, such as exclusive access to the facilities (e.g., locker-room), sessions with players/coaches, pre-game/post-game sideline or […]

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept that has become more exciting over the last few years, with the prevalence of Internet-ready and connectivity-enabled embedded devices. Traditionally, embedded devices were closed systems, with a dedicated or purpose-built functionality in mind, and not necessarily intended for inclusion as a part of a larger system with […]

Push notifications are a common mechanism for a team/league/venue mobile app to call a user’s attention to a piece of information, or to notify a user of an event or occurrence immediately. While push notifications are essentially asynchronous (i.e., they are not triggered by the user’s actions, they can occur at any time, and they can interrupt what the […]

iBeacon was announced by Apple in 2013, as a part of iOS7, as a indoor-positioning system based on Bluetooth Low-Energy devices. The underlying intent was to reduce showrooming (shoppers going into stores to sample a product, but choosing to buy the product online instead of in-store), to increase foot traffic to stores, and to provide a compelling […]

At YinzCam, we have been working with Telstra and the National Rugby League (NRL) over the past 6 months to develop launch the NRL 2014 app as well as the mobile apps of all of the NRL clubs. The NRL 2014 app was indeed both our first league-wide app, as well as our first major overseas […]